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Product name: 

Drum filling machine (200L)

Model: RBFM-200

Product features: 

High precision,stable feeding speed.

Product introduction:

The RBFM-200 drum filling machine is applied for 

different types viscosity drum-liquids filling, it i

widely used in the petrochemical, oil,glue,lubrica-

nt,alcohol,phenol industries.Its consists of main 

filling machine, electrical panel and pneumatic co-

ntrol system,roller parts,weight system etc.


Technical specification:

1. Filling scope: 0~200Liters.
2. Filling method: normal or flush type (optional).
3. The measurement error is ±0.2%
4. Weighing system: formed by weighing sensor, weighing platform with roller.
5. Pneumatic control system for fast and slow feeding.
6. Control system: adopt intelligent control meter, with high precision and good stability.
7. Standard configure: Transmission pump, or pressure hopper, outlet pressure 3-5Kg, flow≥ 12m³ /h.