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      Product name:  Vacuum high-speed disperser


      Product features:  

      Working under the vacuum condition, high speed 

      mixing, hydraulic lifting

      Product introduction: 

      The RVD-Series vacuum high-speed disperser 

      has a closure lid structure,the top lid is connect-

      ed to tank by flange withsealrings,which will be 

      realize the vacuum working condition.The raw 

      materials is dispersed in the vacuum tank mak-

      es less bubbles during the mixing process.Bec-

      ause it will help to defoam the mixtures, it can 

      increase production effective and get better fine-

      ness in a short time.Furthermore, it also help to

      prevent to solvent violated due to vacuum enviro-

      nment.It is mainly used in the cosmetic,pharma-

                                                                                                          cy, food, industries etc.

Technical specification: