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    Product name: 

    Horizontal Sand Mill (Pine Type)

    Product features:

    Excellent efficiency, perfect milling fineness, 

    adjusted-chamber volume

    Product introduction:

    RPSM (Pine Type) is a closed wet grinding 

    machine for continuous- mass production. 

    Compared with other traditional horizontal 

    sand mils, it has higher work efficiency, be-

    tter final grinding fineness, better abrasion-

    resistance. It is suitable for milling materia-

    ls in industries such as pigments, color pa-

    stesprinting inks, paints, pesticides etc. 

    Easy to operate, reliable and better efficiency.


Technical specification:


1. The Tungsten Carbide pins on both the rotor and internal surface of the chamber strengthen the impact 

    and shearing action to the materials, which increases grinding and dispersion effect. Both the chamber

    and inter rotor are with cooling system so that it reduces the milling temperature effectively.

2. With Tungsten Carbide agitator and imported Zirconium beads, the machine is suitable for grinding and 

    dispersing various materials with a wide range of viscosity. It is with special structure that can adjust the 

    filled beads quantity to meet the requirement of milling different materials.

3. It adopts dual mechanical seal and with closed self-lubricating system. It is filled with cooling liquid comp-

    atible with milling materials to reduce the pollution to the mill base. It is reliable and abrasion resistant.